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Flash Doodle
HighS by sockdaemon
Vaun doodle by sockdaemon
It varies really, in size and detail. 40 for something like the first one, 20 for something like the second one (I'll send 20 back if you want something like the 2nd one is what I'm saying) Also, shading really doesn't count, so either flat cell or just no shading is totes fine.
Very Detailed/Complex Character Reference
Mathis Referance V2 CENSORED by sockdaemon
These take a long time, ow. I spent a whole day on Mathis', but it's specific. And as expected, give me specific details. This'll make it much better. And as expected, these don't come cheap. This can all vary, send the points, and from your description, I'll judge how much it'll cost, the limit being below, the minimum depending on whatever the hell I'm doing. Questions on this, please, just note me, and we can clear this up.

Choose between binary or normal brush
Shiiiittttyyy Character Reference
Mathis ref by sockdaemon
Mary Ref (Gift) by sockdaemon
Just a quick sketchy reference. Give me SPECIFIC details. Mkay? It's just a quick but understandable reference of your character. Nothing special. (CHANGED FROM 70 TO 40)
Midnight Birthday Art (Gem) by sockdaemon
No More Stalemate by sockdaemon
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Idc if this is crazy, I spend lots of time on this shit, and I do a decent job imo
Mini Sprite
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Yeah, this shit.
Normal Sprite
KuMaryu Sprite (Giftish) by sockdaemon
Tumblr Link by sockdaemon
Mathis Sprite by sockdaemon
Mary Sprite by sockdaemon
Animated and static are the same price.




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9th Grade | 14 3/4s | Atheist | Ambidextrous

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Yeah, whoever cared who people are anyway :la:

I have no naw ideaaaaaa, I like cats, dogs, moles, octopi, anything with tentacles, and Endermen (They count too hhhhh)
I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I think that's what "Growing up" is. Finding that out so you don't starve.

I was born in the Fall, and I was so badass when I was born, I cut my own imbilocal cord my bitting through it with my gums. I am always seceretly plotting against everyone, and I hate being hugged without my consent-*Crawls under bed* I'm also NOT a furry in any shape or form. I really am not a fan of that stuff.

Another fucked up thing is that as a child, I went to a Catholic preschool, and was BORN LEFT HANDED. They didn't like this, and made me write with my right hand, I said fuck the police you fucking sound of music wannabes, and did both to show how much I loved my left. In the end, I usually use my right hand, but I can write really good with my left.

I am learning Chinese, and I really hope to go for at least the rest of Highschool for 4 years learning it. It's very fun, and there's a 2 year language requirement to graduate.


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:star: A BIG REDO of Page one of planets :star:
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Hi there. :iconsexycatplz: And welcome back you bum. I haven't really done much for a while. Kind of a haitus. It really sucks, but hey, we all can understand what this shit means. 

My friend and I discussed what we'll be doing with that special species, yeah? Voidants? Now, here's where we changed some things. We will have certain times where the species is open, rare occasions. These days you will be allowed to create one freely, but you cannot do that on an unscheduled day. The main way Voidants will be open to take as an OC, is through adoption, though no one ever buys mine :iconcryforeverplz: when I work hours on something.

I will give more details, but hey, most of it will be on the species reference when I get out of this crappy, haitus, god I hate these things.

Down below, if you are planning on his that Comment button, and plan on getting one, or have an idea for a design, please, do tell.

So far, I'm thinking from 20-100 :points:, depending on what type of Voidant you get. If you can afford that, tell me what design you'd like, and what gender.

Thanks, appreciated.
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